As an energetic swirl, the Isabel Marant Etoile Spring-Summer 2022 collection spins round. It sucks the Etoile defining features in: 80s and 90s sportswear, menswear codes, outdoor vibes and ethnic references

. An unexpected and irreverent play on layering accentuates the nomadic and effortless feel to the look. Boundaries between evening and casual wear collapse. Flou and sweat merge through unprecedented mashups blending together influences, colors and prints - from a classic checkered print to Indian patterns and Isabel’s floral signature.

This season also marks the debut of a new vibrant monogram, reminiscent of Ikat weaving and kinetic art. In a playful and dynamic mix and match, pastel hues balance the psychedelic statement made by fuchsia and neon green - also gracing this season’s exclusive colorblock iteration of the iconic Balskee wedge sneakers

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