There is one thing that is unique in Africa: time. Time is so unique that some dialects don’t even contemplate the word future; people live their time. In Africa we have time, and since we are so rich of time we dedicate time. Afar products contain this valuable asset that is visible in every stitch, cut and detail.  We hope you will have time to enjoy them.

To process some of the materials we chose we had to make our own tools. We were happy to develop the skills required and to offer products that were truly unique.

Africa is the garden of the world, is a precious asset for all of us and we need to take care of it. The bags you find on this web site are made with fabrics dyed with pigments extracted from soil and vegetable tanned leather and their impact on the environment is therefore very small. It may be a drop in the ocean but it is a drop that you will notice.

Afar bags and garments are produced in a safe environment and like the vast majority of textile and leather goods are made by women who enjoy a suitable job for their life condition. But despite being ethically sound we want you to be captured by their quality and appeal.

Ethiopia is becoming a global player in the world wide arena of fashion and is proudly raising its voice.  AFAR is an expression of the potential of the Continent and the Country where mankind was originated.

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