A.Cloud is deeply influenced by retro aesthetics and a fascination with simple geometric structures. Trying to find the perfect balance between classic vintage and future modern style. A strong sense of femininity pervades our simple and romantic designs. We believes that an independent woman is multifarious, like the clouds in the sky, kaleidoscopically variable and manifold, unravelling in myriad shades and moods.


Sustainable development is not only about environmentally friendly production processes, but about delivering positive value to all of its stakeholders and aligning the interests of customers, employees, partners, industry participants, investors, the community, and the environment to the greatest extent possible, while creating a good short-term and long-term profit. Specifically, A.Cloud pays heeds to the needs of workers and endeavours to preserve traditional craftsmanship. The way forward
is to do business consciously by preserving tradition, conserving the environment, and improving labour’s working conditions.
Since the establishment of our brand, we have been providing repair and care services for our customers. We hope that every bag produced by A.Cloud will be used for more than ten years or even for decades to come. Leather good itself acquires a unique taste and aura over time.

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